So I aint gonna lie. Last week I got baked and watched the Linda McCartney...and it was the trippiest experiance of my live. She fucked Jim Morrison! Mick Jagger was on an episode of ER! It had bad narration! The same dude who played Paul McCartney in "BackBeat" played him! Can he not get other work? Also Linda? Was Juliet of the Others! From Lost! And I kept thinking she was playing poor Paul because of it.

Seriously, get baked or drunk and watch the Linda McCartney story. Its a good time.

Also Paul really was in a bad place after her death to allow that.
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Bah Humbug!

 Y'all exam week is killing my christmas spirit. And I love Christmas! I had one exam on Monday, have another on saturday, another on that monday, and one on the 14th and another on the 19th, and I just want to go to sleep cause I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday and have been up since 6 today. I'm gonna end up like Jack Nicholson circa the shining. And thats not good for anyone.

Also is it bad if I'm beginning to find the Joker sexually attractive? I mean it may be in Heath Ledger mode but it still aint good.

And theres like 20 inches of snow out there! I love snow, but not cool!
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Retail Therapy

 Oh yeah, 20% off to cardholders day at Ricki's!

Did I engage in guilt free shop therapy?

You best believe I did.

Also call me all recently fuckable and vaguely bad boyish Shia LeBeouf. He was always cute but when did he get hot? Probably when he got thrown in jail. I'm attracted to suspect dudes.

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I'm finding the crazy wank resulting from the Albus Dumbledore = So very gay revelation far to hilarious for my kid. Seriously, he taught at an English Boarding school, had a "friendship" in his teenage years that led to angst well into his AARP days, AND he dressed like a hippie pimp. And yet...no signs? Really?

I have  food biochem exam on Tuesday but I'm not worried. My friend Angelina came over and we did old exams for 5 hours almost and we didnt get below an 85 so I'm not that worried.

But really, people:  look at how sassy he is! Hes giving the double "Oh no you didnt!" finger waves! No Signs?! And also its a childrens book...yes theres no actual "HES GAY!" proclamation, but they didnt say he wasnt either. They hinted strongly at it. Did you want flashbacks to hot gay sex...actually I want that, if they can get like Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play young Grindelwald and Christian Bale rocking the young Albus. Ewan McGregor can play Aberforth and party with the goats. It'll be awesome. Like if Velvet Goldmine had a good plot line that didnt detract from the awesomeness of Batman, Elvis and Obi Wan Kenobi getting nasty. Oh like you dont want it too! Like I'm the only dirty one. Whatever.

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Ode To Harrison Ford.

So my little brothers gotten into the original Star Wars Trilogy and I was reminded of how to this day I love me some Harrison Ford. I'd like to say its in a neutral way...its not. I'd hit that hard.

And heres why:
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Sorry, I havent posted in a while, but I'll put out a full entry this weekend.

I like all my courses but that doesnt mean I cant hate them sometimes: Tommorow I have two assignments due in Food culture and Patterns, a 25% mid term in Nutrition through the lifecycle, and a lab after which I will immediatley go to work meaning that from 6:30 am to 9:15 pm I will not go home, and this weekend I have to study for a second mid term in food culture and patterns (on wednesday) finish a graph for a biochem lab due on Tuesday, make an out line of what I've found for my group project (on the illuminating topic of Smoking Salmon) for food prep and preservation, do a full lab for Food Microbio due on monday, and then on Monday I have another micro lab, I have a biochem lab on Tuesday morning and I have to work that night, so that cuts into my studying time for my second midterm quite a bit. Also I had to miss last yesterdays class and I need to get the notes from friend.

So If I'm dead this time next week y'all will know wy.
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If anyone cares, yes, I did go out and get drunk. It was awesome. Except for the hangover I nursed at work. That was NOT awesome.

I've been busy with school stuff, which for the most part is good. I really love my classes. They are incredibely interesting and fun. Except for Nutritional biochemistry. That sucks. But Nutrition Through the Lifecycle, Food Patterns: Culture and Psychology, Food Microbiology (My professer is awesomely insane. Like Al Pacino circa The Devil's Advocate, only screeching about food spoilage instead of fucking Charlize Theron), and Food: Preperation and Preservation. The latters lab is making unusual dishes using little known ingrediants. I know! 

I'm just really, really happy right now. 

And also because it has to be said: Oh, Britney. Shakes head.
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Hey Y'all

The US open is starting up and I'm so excited. That being said, I dont think Djokovic will take it because he has a REALLY hard section. And I dont think Nadal's that big of a thread. Hard is probably his weakest service, and he'll probably bump into his kryptonite James Blake. But I'm hoping Roddick will finally conquer Fed. I doubt it deeply. But I can hope.

God work has been crazy. A woman walked in, and tried to convince us to let her pay 26 cents for a bag of Lays chips, so she could take them to her party, and bring the rest later. First of all: Yeah, right. Second of all...Why did you only bring 26 cents? Third of all aint nobody needs chips that badly. Except for the pringle man.

Inside the mind of a fanboy AKA my brother.

Him: Spiderman 3 SUCKED!
Me: I didnt hate it. I thought it was a fun movie. Not great. But not horrific.
Him: Well compared to the second one it sucked.
Me: Agreed. The second one rocked. This one was a disappointment. I still dont hate it though
Him: They better make a fourth one.
Me: Why?
Him: To redeem themselves!
Me: <Mumbles about him not getting talk about movies, cause he didnt appreciate Ghostbusters>
Him: Are you bitching about Ghostbusters again?
Me: NO!

Whatever. At least hes not all bitter and crazy like Devon Faraci. Who I think is in love with Christian Bale. Seriously. The last time I was that obsessed with a dude, we ended up making out at a my university's bar...so...yeah.

A bunch of us went out to see the Nanny Diaries yesterday (Those of us that could not get tickets to either Justin Timberlake concert)...and I liked it. Laura Linney and Paul Giammati are awesome, Chris Evans is hot, ScarJo is surprisingly charming and I knew she was funny from her SNL's, the kid is really cute in a non cloying way, and Alicia Keys has a surprisingly good screen presence.

I mean its not a GREAT movie, but it was a fun trifle.
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